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Samuel Cole Schweiger's
Fun Family Book

For my sweet baby boy!

Flipping through photos
in a family album, suddenly
Samuel was full of questions.

“Who Do I Look Like?”
Samuel wanted to know
but pictures can't talk
as everyone knows.

Samuel needed a guide
Cam and Luci joined for the ride.

“Don’t worry there Samuel we’ll help
you out. We’ll answer your questions
clear up any doubts.”

Samuel looked at Luci and Cam, they seemed wise. "I'll give it a try, Let's start with my eyes..."

Why are my eyes blue?

Tell me please, are they from you?


Well your blue eyes are from

Ima and Aba

Their eyes are also blue.

They swam in the depths of the ocean to bring you the perfect hue.

...and why is my hair blonde like this?
Tell me please, I do insist.

the coolest
kid on the

Well your blonde hair is from

Ima as a baby

It's something that you share.
And when you're side by side,
your looks can't be denied.

This story is quite funny,it’s making me laugh.
Please tell me more, I can’t get enough.


Your smile is from


It’s sweet and contagious,
it makes us smile too. 
And then when you giggle,
our hearts melt like goo...

But where do I
get my signature look?
I hope to find out
by the end of the book.

Copyright © 2014