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Michal Prywes, Dashel's mom

Most original gift I ever made for my son. Dashel especially loved finding his grandpa and grandma in one of the pages. Yes, it took sometime to create, but we've enjoyed it a million times since. See book

Yaron, Ely's dad

I loved the idea of a book with pictures. Making it was time consuming but I guess it was my own fault. I have so many pictures of Eli that it was really had to choose the top twenty for the book. I guess I did a good job, I had to reorder the book since every grandparent wanted a copy too. See book

Rebecca Marie Schweiger, Sam's mom

It's very easy to use and the book is super cute!!! I shared it on my facebook and got like 50 likes. Can't wait to get the hardcover book, I hope it arrives before the holidays. Can't wait. One thing though, you should brace for a good 30 minutes of work. I also think there are too many pop-ups, but all in all I liked it very much. See book

Lisa Walker, Margaret's mom

It was Margaret's one year birthday last week, I wanted something special. I wanted to give her something she'll be delighted to look back at even 10 or 20 years from now. I am so happy I found this site. The story includes the entire family, even some relatives that are far away, and of course our two beloved pets. Margaret loved it, and so did our relatives in Sweden. Highly recommend it to anyone who cares about their child growing with values. See book