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A Gift for Life

Who do I look like is a family treasure. It brings the entire family story for generations through pictures and a beautifuly designed and written story. It does require you add approximately a dozen pictures, so you can delegate.

The first of its kind to introduce pictures of the entire family in it, and bring it to the child. But don't take it from us, here is some of what our readers had to say about it.

five stars

Living far from my grandkids is hard, I wanted them to remember me.

I live far from my grandkids and it's hard. I see them on the on the computer every weekend, but that's hardly enough. Sometimes they just don't have the patients to skype with grandpa. So for their first birthday I wanted to buy them something thye'll truly remember me buy. Who Do I Look like was the perfect gift. I bought one copy for myself and one for them, and now every time I call them we read the story together...and every time we read it their amazed that I am right there in the story alondside to their pictures. It's brilliant. Submit a review

five stars

It's Ashley's favorite book, she "read" it a hundred times.

The combination between the family pictures, the tailored story and my 2 year old obssesion with herself make this book am unrivaled story. I read it a hundred times to her, and she can't get enough. She loves the last page where she gets to guess who does the rest of our family looks like. Everyone is in it, grandparents, uncles, cousins, everyone. I just wish I chose a better picture of myself. Be careful when choosing pictures, you will likely see them more times than you want to, so choose a really good one. Submit a review